Amherst Community Coalition highlights from 2022

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The year 2022 was certainly one of unique events. While trying to combat the opiate epidemic, the COVID-19 crisis hit in a way that changed the way people lived and worked. Then the Ukraine invasion took place.

Everyone has their own highlights of the year, and the Amherst Youth and Community Coalition thought it would be interesting to hear a few of them. Below is what we heard;

“The invasion of the Ukraine. It was truly terri- fying to see a country fall to its knees as Russian troops began to invade. But what this really showed was the resilience of the Ukrainian people. Having the bravery to stand up to forces larg- er than you takes guts. Because of this, the world has also decided to unite to protect freedom and true bravery.”

- High school student age 17

“Reflect- ing upon 2022, an event that stands out to me, is the worldwide effects of the war in Ukraine. Even though it started many months ago, communities are still experiencing its effects, especially from the economic standpoint. The effects of this war have trickled down to my daily prices of goods affected by supply chain disruptions stemming from the conflict abroad.”

- Isabella, age 16

“A personal community experience that stands out for me in 2022 is the death of two students at Williamsville South High School, Lauren Taggart and Luke Malinich. As everyone at the school grieved them, and continue to grieve, we have never been so united and sup- portive as a community.”

- High school student age 16

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